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INTRO: What is Image Gallery? It's a HTML5/CSS3 image gallery that can be customized to fit your needs. It is free to use with credit (See below). Modifying is allowed for personal use only; do not redistribute. There are two variants of each version; there is the full, which comes with an example, as well as a download for the .CSS file only. There will also be a live preview of each major version up for viewing as well

PLANS: I would like the full-sized image to appear as a pop-up, rather than in a new tab. Also interested in one day going through and commenting everything.

F=Full (Blue): Full complete version
C=CSS (Purple): This version is just the CSS file(s)
L=Live Preview (Green): Preview the site before downloading

CREDIT:Use one of these images somewhere on the same page as the image gallery, and have it linked to this page that you are on currently
88px by 31px button234px by 60px half banner