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All Math Programs in One (AMPiO)

HISTORY: I made this program back whe I was starting to learn Python, and over the years extended it to add more formulas, as well as to test Python 3 code and scripts to help me better understand the language. Version v6.1.0F (F=Final) is the latest version, and it's a massive boy (421KB)! I also made Version v6.0.6VL (VL=VeryLight) as a challenge to me to make my program as tiny as possible. The reason the two don't have the same program numbers is because the changes added to v6.1.0F didn't really apply to the VL version, so it didn't get updated
PLANS: My goals with this is to first off, finish the Settings section by finally learning how to make a file with Python, and then learning how to read/write to a file. I've been told it can be done, but it's something I haven't done yet (And please don't finish it for me; that'd defeat the purpose of me learning ): ). I also need to clean up some UI elements, and some copy//paste errors in areas